Maintain the most accurate cattle inventory with blockchain immutability and CattlePass Smart Contracts.

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CattlePass enables producers to generate a secure and unique digital record of their livestock, known as a non-fungible token.  This provides 100% verifiable proof of ownership and transparency into a complete living record of the animal throughout its lifecycle. CattlePass gives producers pricing power in the marketplace, because they can demonstrate their livestock has been raised with the highest ethical standards. It also creates an immutable trail of data that provides access to new financial tools which decrease costs and increase efficiencies.

Cattlepass solutions

CattlePass provides a wide range of bundled solutions to make the lives of beef producers easier and create new marketing opportunities.

  • Traceability

    Using reliable and humane Bluetooth tracking sensors, EID tags, biometric recognition and genetic data we make it easier than ever to track individual animals.

  • Proof Of Ownership

    Brand inspectors, lenders, insurers, and buyers have the added benefit of using the CattlePass app to validate Proof of Ownership.

  • Interstate Transfer

    Blockchain allows us to keep a private but publicly accessible dataset to more efficiently move cattle across state lines.

  • Value-Added Info

    By stamping metadata to the Ethereum ledger, we can store a wide range of health and cattle quality metrics for more accurate appraisals on herd valuation.

  • B2B/3rd Party Payments

    By automating conditions surrounding the sale of livestock, we can ensure payments and transfer of ownership are settled in real time.

  • Consumer Feedback

    The CattlePass platform generates QR codes for branded product lines produced from enrolled cattle. It's easy and simple to tell the story of your beef to retailers, restaurants and direct buyers.

  • CattlePass Smart Contracts

    With CattlePass Smart Contracts we automate the execution of an agreement so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without any intermediary involvement or time loss.

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